Our mission is to provide exceptional service to our restaurant, hospitality and marina clients with results driven performance. Customer service requires the best technology based coupled with information-based solutions for the most effective financial performance. Today’s high interest rate and elevated inflationary environment can provide financial stress on operational results where compressed income margins can impact company balance sheets. Our approach results in favorable income margin growth.


Data Focused Approach

Our approach to solving operational challenges centers around a data centric focus to enhance company operating margins. Data provides the starting point for an operational and technology focused solution to favorable margin enhancement. Customer insights including operational assessments with focus on the best in market customer experience. Measured employee training and property leadership coupled with targeted capital plan provides enhanced strategic branding and best in market customer satisfaction.

Who is Hospitality Group Insights?

We are an independently owned consultant group with over three decades of results driven experience in the Hospitality, Restaurant and Marina industries. Our Data Focused approach to serving our clients is what separates us from other consultancy groups in the field.

Technology Focused

Every expanding payment and associated regulatory requirements require adaptation to change and ongoing training. Operational assessments at the property provide a solution-based technology that will provide regulatory compliance.

In addition to systems-based technology solutions, cloud-based applications including connectivity are part of an overall technology assessment process. Connectivity redundancy and cloud-based applications provide an effective strategy towards increasing operating margins and customer satisfaction results.

The growth of online reservations systems to optimize revenues is a vital part of the technology assessment for a business. A strategic review of property services being offered and the online channels to market and management reservations is one of the most important financial and operational tools a business has. The marketplace for online services is evolving and changing every year. Your property visibility online can provide enhanced revenue growth opportunity.

Why Choose Us?

Today’s business environment creates a unique set of challenges, and every individual property has its own set of challenges. In an elevated inflationary and employee recruitment environment we offer a data centric approach to enhanced operating margins and property positioning in the market it serves.