Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Services

The current business environment has placed pressure on cost of goods and payroll expenses, we have programs that can reduce both of these crucial areas to provide net income margin enhancement. Other programs we offer include a wide range of operational, revenue and technology focused areas. Data insights are our forward-looking guidance in providing results-based services. 

  • Operations Assessment
  • Menu Review
  • Licensing & Permitting 
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • SEO Optimization
  • Reservations & Revenue Management Systems-Cloud Based Solutions
  • State Sales & Use Tax Best Practices
  • Customer Satisfaction Program-Implementation and Management
  • Technology Assessment-POS System Update & PCI Compliance
  • Risk Management Insights
  • Project Management 
  • Marketing Plan Insights
  • Leadership & Recruitment Search Services
  •  Fractional Human Resources CHRO & Director Services
  • Managed Services Agreements
  • Human Resources Support Services